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CDCR Recalls the sentence of a Barhoma Law, P.C. Client! The client has a re-sentencing hearing where he is expected to walk free after nearly two and half decades of incarceration.

The Barhoma Law client will be re-united with his family and loved ones after 25- years of incarceration. In the 1990s, he was charged with and later convicted by a jury of one count each of robbery (Penal Code § 211), burglary (Penal Code § 459), possession of a firearm by a felon ( Penal Code§ 12021, subd. (a)(1)), and evading police (Veh. Code § 2800.1). Since his incarceration, the client has maintained his innocence wrongful conviction. Many lawyers have tried to keep his case alive, but were unable to successfully free him.


The Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Since retaining Barhoma Law, P.C., a California Criminal Appeals law firm, we have been negotiating with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. Barhoma Law, P.C. submitted two petition, amongst others, with the District Attorney’s office: (1) a Conviction Integrity Request; and (2) a Penal Code § 1170(d)(1) Petition (AB2942 Petition). In June 2021, the District Attorney’s office has recommended the client’s Penal Code 1170(d)(1) Petition. The Court previously weighed in the matter and agreed–the client should be free. The District Attorney’s Office and Barhoma Law have finalized a joint stipulation in recalling the client’s sentence. The Barhoma Law, P.C. client has a re-sentencing hearing this month, where he is expected to walk free.

This Barhoma Law client retained Barhoma Law, P.C. a mere 5 months ago. Previous attempts under various other legal efforts did not work. After retaining Barhoma Law, P.C., we finalized and finalized this possible outcome. Barhoma Law, P.C. looks forward to the client’s imminent release.

Penal Code 1170(d)(1) and AB2942 Petition Lawyer–Consult with Barhoma Law, P.C. 

1170(d)(1) and AB2942 Petitions present strong paths to resentencing. To learn more about 1170(d)(1) Petitions and AB2942 Petition and how to successfully navigate their procedures, call to consult with one of the lawyers at Barhoma Law, P.C. We are California Criminal Appeals lawyers to represent individuals throughout all counties in the state of California. We are available at 213-800-7664.



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