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Matthew Barhoma, founder of Barhoma Law, P.C., is Recognized for “Excellence in Appellate Law” by Lawyers of Distinction

Matthew Barhoma, the founder of Barhoma Law, P.C., is being recognized for his excellence in Appellate Law by Lawyers of Distinction. To become nominated and recognized, Lawyers of Distinction engages in a vetting process once an attorney is nominated. In vetting nominee, Lawyers of Distinction “generates a numerical score of 1 to 5 for each of the 12 enumerated factors which are meant to recognize the nominee’s achievements and peer recognition. All nominees must be licensed to practice law. Nominees are then subject to a final review for ethical violations within the past ten years before confirmation of Membership. ”

Matthew Barhoma recognized for excellence in Appellate Law, December 2022

In analyzing whether a nominee qualifies under the 12 enumerated factors, the platform looks at the following criteria: case results, awards, general reviews and Google reviews, legal experience, educational background, professional activities, pro bono/community service, lectures, writing, and publications. Once a nominee is given an individual score for each factor, an average is weighed out to determine a cumulative objective score.

Once a final score is generated, the platform then looks at a background check and conducts an Ethics Review, to assess whether the nominee has had any ethical violations. Once a nominee achieves a minimum passing score and have no disqualifying ethical violations within a 10-year period prior to nomination, they are then eligible for the Lawyers of Distinction award. Barhoma Law, P.C. attorneys have received this award two years in a row.

California Appellate Lawyer

Criminal appellate law is the process commenced once an individual is convicted and sentenced for an alleged offense. In those instances, a criminally accused individual can file to have their case appealed to the Appellate Court or the California Supreme Court for review of any legal error. “Legal error” is error that occurred at the trial level (i.e., ineffective assistance of counsel, abuse of judicial discretion, etc.). A successful appeal can overturn criminal convictions or remand cases back to trial court for additional adjudication, as determined by the higher courts.

A successful appeal to the Appellate or Supreme Court takes skill, strategy and thorough understanding of the law. If you believe you have been wrongfully convicted or unjustifiably sentenced, you should consult with a California Criminal Appeals lawyer to review your case. A thorough review of the trial record and underlying case file is required. Contact Barhoma Law, P.C. to consult with a criminal appeals attorney by calling 213-800-7664 or by submitting a contact submission.

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