Another Barhoma Law, P.C. Client Resentenced; ABC7 and Other News Outlets Closely Follow His Release

ABC7 publishes an article covering California Criminal Appeals attorney, Matthew Barhoma’s work in a re-sentencing of his client pursuant to Penal Code 1170(d)(1) and AB 2942.

The article highlights a recent success for Barhoma Law, P.C., where the Firm successfully reduced a client’s sentence just mere 9 months after retaining the Firm. Our client, Mr. Earl Snoddy, spent the last 27-years behind bars for a crime he likely did not commit. The Firm filed a conviction integrity request. In addition, Mr. Snoddy, through his counsel, sought to recall and renegotiate on the sentence by submitting an AB 2942 / Penal Code § 1170(d)(1) petition. The matter had deep implications among the California Three Strike laws and various enhancements, as discussed by the ABC7 article and coverage on the matter.


Family Reunited

The ABC7 Article specifically highlights the relief felt throughout the family of those involved. Specifically, the article states, Snoddy’s sister, Charlene Bickham, says she’s overjoyed with the news of her brother’s time served. “I’m trying to hold back the tears about my little brother and I love him to death,” Bickham said. “We’re grateful, we’re thankful. I mean, there is justice here in this world and beyond measures, thank God for just putting good people in place. It was due to Barhoma Law, P.C.”

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